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Dinhata College

Dinhata College is the maiden College in Dinhata Subdivision, one of the largest subdivisions in Cooch Behar District. With its population of about seven hundred thousand, as per the 2011 census report, the subdivision has to depend upon this institute for providing its young generation the light of higher education. Since its foundation in 1956, the College has been trying its best to fulfil its duty of providing higher education mostly to the first generation learners coming largely from rural background and Scheduled Caste communities and Muslim minorities. The College is situated in border area, the Indo-Bangladesh International Border being barely 10 kilometres away aerially from the College. Mostly hailing from peasant families, the students come to this Dinhata College with a lot of expectation but little idea about their future course of life. The College undertakes the responsibility to guide them to a bright future and thereby plays a messianic role in the socio-economic development of the whole area.

Presently, the College offers undergraduate programmes in 17 subjects, namely, Bengali, Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science, English, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology and Zoology.

Vision of the College

All the stakeholders associated with the successful running of Dinhata College are visionary in the sense that they cherish the hope of touching the remotest corner of the rural society with the magic wand of education and thereby bringing the wards of the downtrodden, socially and economically backward and underprivileged people of the Subdivision to the light of higher education.

Mission of the College

The College was set up to fulfil the following missions with its limited capacity:

  • With its motto “Useful Education for All”, the College aims to bring down the high-flown ideals of higher education to the level of reality and make it commensurate to the needs of the common people of the area.
  • It aims to take part in the socio-economic development of the local area by providing good quality of higher education to its students.
  • It aims to inculcate employment aptitude among its students and motivate them in building up job oriented mentality by constant encouragement, counselling and necessary training.
  • Sensitisation of students in social service and related activities is aimed at by various activities.
  • Through special care and personal contact, the College aims to improve the quality of mediocre and backward students and guide the meritorious students to better levels of success.