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                   Dinhata College Alumni Association

                     (Registered under ‘The West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961’,

                                            Registration No. S/2L/49868 of 2015-2016)                                        

   Dinhata College Alumni Association: Progress Report

                                                      (As on November 2015)

  1. Executive body of the Association has been formed
  2. Application Forms for membership have been printed
  3. Receipt Slips for subscription for membership have been prepared
  4. Membership collection is going on
  5. At least 200 members have already been enlisted
  6. The Association convenes meetings to share the views of the members and also give valuable suggestions for future plan of the Association, and the development of the college.
  7. The members come and co-operate with the college in various activities (Foundation Day, Nabin Baran, Annual Cultural Programme, Seminars, Special Lecturers, Saraswati Puja, Annual Sports etc.)
  8. The college makes contact with the members and keep in touch with them
  9. Procedure for procurement of Registration has been started. Application form for Registration has been submitted with all requirements.

 Assistant Secretary,

Dinhata College Alumni Association