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Dinhata College Library

The Dinhata College Library supports the main objectives of the College to become an institution of its repute in the field of education. The College library subscribes NLIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content), which provides access to e-resources to its member. The library is providing various services such as

  • Issue and returns of reading materials,
  • Assistance in catalogue search ,
  • Helps the students and teachers to use the internet ,circulation service , question bank, syllabus bank , and
  • Reading of newspapers, newsletters, etc. The Library is using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (23rd Edition) for classifying the documents. 

Library Advisory Committee

 The College has a Library Advisory Committee (LAC). It comprises the following:

  1. Principal (Chairperson of the Committee)
  2. Librarian (Convener)
  3. Teachers Council Secretary.
  4. Head of all the Departments.
  5. Bursar
  6. Head Clerk
  7. Accountant

The Committee allocates fund among the Departments to purchase latest edition of books and journal. The recommendations made by the Departments for the purchase of books and journals are placed before the Advisory Committee and on its turn, the Committee approves the recommendations.  The Principal, in consultation with Librarian, places the order for purchase. The Librarian takes care of preservation and maintenance of books, journals and periodicals. On the basis of the recommendations of the Committee, the INFLIBNET- NLIST facility is being provided along with a reading room for staff members and students. Further, extension of the Reading Room is being carried out to accommodate more readers.  

Library Staff 

  1. Librarian: Smt. Dawa Doma Sherpa
  2. Library Peon: Sri. Lakshman Chandra  Saha
  3. Library Guard: Sri. Badal Basak
  4. Library Assistant (College Sponsored): Smt. Santana Roy Bagchi
  5. Library Assistant (College Sponsored): Sri. Subrata Saha

Details of the library

  • Total area of the library (in Sq. Mts.):
    318 Sq. Mts. including Reading Room (excluding the under construction extension area).
  • Total seating capacity:
    50 seats (at a time).
  • Working hours:
    • On week days: 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
    • On Saturday: 10.30 A.M. to 3.00 P.M.
    • Closed on Holidays and Puja Vacation.
  • Layout of the library:
    The library has separate reading room for the students and staff members. Due to inadequate space in the Library, the facilities like individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading are not available. Computer with E-resource is being provided in the Reading Room. The Reading Room is being enlarged in order to accommodate more users. 

Details on the ICT and other facilities: 

  • OPAC: It is in the process.
  • Electronic Resource Management  package for
    e-journals: INFLIBNET -NLIST facility is available
  • Library Website: Yes, (It is a part of the College Website).
  • In-house/remote access to e-publications: NLIST
  •  Library automation: Yes
  • Total number of computers available for public access: 04
  • Total number of printer available for public access: 01 Canon
    Photocopier with printer facility.
  • Internet band with width/speed:4 Mbps up to 30 GB and then 2 Mbps unlimited
  • Participation in Resource sharing networks/consortia (like INFLIBNET).The Library is a member of NLIST.


  • Silence is to be maintained.
  • Users are requested not to bring their bags, personal belongings inside the library. Deposit their bags and other belongings at the counter.
  • Before entering the library enter your name and sign in the register kept at the entrance.
  • All users are requested to keep their mobile phones switched off or in silent mode in the library.
  • Library card is compulsory for getting access to the library. 
  • Demand slips are available at the circulation desk for your use.
  • Books will be issued on presentation of the library card.
  • Students are requested to check the books while borrowing. Any damage found in the books borrowing should be brought to the notice of the staff on duty before issued.

Circulation (ISSUE / RETURN) Time

  • MONDAY: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year B. Sc. (Hons. & Pass).
  • TUESDAY: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year B. Sc. & (Hons. & Pass).
  • WEDNESDAY: 1st Year B.A. (Hons. & Pass).
  • THURSDAY: 2nd Year B.A. (Hons. & Pass).
  • FRIDAY: 3rd Year B.A. (Hons. & Pass).
  • SATURDAY: The circulation section will be available from 10:30 A.M. to 3.00 P.M. on Saturday.

Book Demand / Book Issue/ Book Return Time

  • Book Demand: 11:30 A.M.  to 12:30 P.M.
  • Book Issue: 1:30 P.M. to 3.00 P.M.
  • Book Return: 12:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Loan Privileges

Sl. No. Category

Number of Books

Loan Period


Faculty Members


1 Month


Non-Teaching Staff


20 Days


Honours Course Students


15 Day


General Students


15 Day


  • Issued book is to be returned within 15 days .  After 15 days a fine of 50 paisa per day including holidays will be charged (Per book from the due date till the book is returned to library).
  • Loss of any borrowed book must be reported immediately to the librarian/library staff. The member must replace the lost book/pay the cost of the latest editing of the lost book along with overdue charges, if any.
  • If Library card is lost a fresh card will be issued on a payment of Rs. 50.
  • Library card is to be shown at the time of taking library clearance.

Library Collection

  •  Books: 30021(as on 08/10/2015)
  • Journals: 21 (as on 18/12/2015)