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Dinhata College: Students' Welfare

1. Counselling services 

Academic, personal, career counselling are provided to students.

The Counselling Cell has been working in the College from July, 2015. Since then, this committee has been taking initiatives for providing various types of counselling services namely –academic, personal, career, psycho-social etc. to the students. Some decisions regarding counselling services for the students have been taken through sincere discussions   in several meetings. The faculties have adopted the following resolutions for making the counselling   services to the available students. These are as follows:

To counsel the existing 3rd year students of various Departments regarding their career advancement.

  1. To counsel the retarded students.
  2. To find out their personal problems of the learners that create obstacles in their path of  learning.
  3. To identify the advanced and the slow learners on the basis of reports provided by the respective Departments.
  4. To encourage the students having less attendance to increase their attendance in their classes.
  5. To motivate the students for higher education in relevant subjects.
  6. To increase the habit of the students for using College library.
  7. To inculcate positive approaches among the learners regarding their responsibility to session and nation.
  8. To raise environmental awareness among the learners through collective counselling.

The committee is also advising the teachers of all the Departments to offer academic support in terms of classroom teaching, special classes, class tests, counselling classes, rectification of answers of the students as per the model answer guideline provided for presentation of papers in seminar (Departmental). The committee members provide psycho-social support when the students of concerned Departments face any psychological and personal problems. Being a newly formed committee it is trying to take initiatives for the career counselling of the outgoing students also.  All the teachers of various Departments also extend their support unhesitatingly for the purpose.

2. Grievance Cell 

A Students’ Grievance Redressal Cell has been functioning in the College. The cell includes the principal, selected staff members and student representatives. The Staff Councils (Teaching and Non-Teaching) also play an important role in enforcing discipline as well as redressing grievances of the students.

Member of the Grievance Cell

1. Dr. Amitava Dutta (Convenor)

2. Dr. (Mrs.) Suchismita Debnath (Member)

3. Prof. Pankaj Dutta (Member)

4. Prof. Mahadev Barman (Member)

5. Sri. Partha Sarathi Raha (Member)

6. General Secretary, Students' Union (Member)

Note: For issues & quires, please contact the Convenor (Ph. +919732000782) or use the "Contact us" form. 

The report of Grievance Cell 2014-2015: 

The Grievance Cell in its meetings has pointed out the following issues arisen from different stakeholders of the College in the year 2014-15:


  1. For early introduction of the new General Courses in sociology, physical education, computer science and Honours Courses in Botany and Zoology
  2. To make toilets for gents and ladies separately attached to the Teachers’ Common Room
  3. To make Canteen for students and teachers in the college campus
  4. To make separate Boys’ lavatory

After thorough discussion of all the issues among the members (selected Teaching and Non-Teaching staff) and Students’ Representatives as well as Teacher-in Charge it has been resolved to place the matter to the concerned authority. Then the following redressal measures have been taken:

Redressal Measures:

  1. Proposals for introduction of new General Courses and Honours Courses demanded by the students have been sent to the concerned authority along with all necessary papers.
  2. Construction of separate toilets for gents and ladies attached to the Teachers’ Common Room has been approved and the construction work will start very soon.
  3. The members of the G. B. have agreed to make separate canteen building in the college campus for the benefit of the students and the teachers and the work will be started soon.
  4. In consultation with the concerned persons/ agencies the G. B has also agreed to make Boys’ Common Toilet in the campus very soon

The report of Grievance Cell 2015-2016:

The Grievance Cell in its meetings held at different intervals has pointed out the following issues arisen from different stakeholders of the College in the year 2015-16:


  1. Early completion of the Women’s Hostel.
  2. Early completion of Canteen Building.
  3. Regular cleaning of Girls’ lavatory.
  4. Building of a Gymnasium.
  5. Demand for a Library Reading Room with Internet facilities.

The Grievance Cell has received these grievances from different corners. Then considering the gravity of the grievances the Cell discussed among its members (selected Teaching and Non-Teaching staff) and Students’ Representatives as well as with the principal and requested him to take the matter to the G. B./Concerned authority to redress the following issues:

Redressal Measures:

  1. For early completion of the Women’s Hostel, the State PWD Authority which is the Executive for the construction, has been requested and utilization certificate has been sent to the UGC for early sanction of the rest of the fund.
  2. Construction of the Canteen Building is at the last phase and it will be inaugurated soon.
  3. Regular cleaning of the Girls’ lavatory has been ensured.
  4. The college authority is trying to collect fund for the construction of a Gymnasium in the College Campus.
  5. A Library Reading Room has been completed and opened. Desktop computers with Internet facilities have been implemented.


In the Academic Year 2015-2016, Honours Courses in Botany and Zoology and General Courses in Physical Education and Sociology have been introduced in the college. Ten students in both Botany and Zoology, about three hundred students in Sociology and fourteen students in Physical Education have been admitted and benefitted.

The long standing demand of the students has been fulfilled as a Library Reading Room with INFLIBNET facility has come into existence in the Central Library of the College. Students, Teachers, along with the Non-Teaching staffs have been benefited.

As a result of the arrangement of separate toilets, male and female students have been benefitted.

3. Institutional provisions for resolving issues pertaining to sexual harassment

There is no separate cell functioning for resolving such issues in the College at present. However, the Grievance and the Counselling Cells look after this matter. Fortunately, this kind of incident has not yet occurred in the College till date.

4. Anti-Ragging Cell

The institution has an Anti-Ragging Cell. The details of the cell are displayed on the notice board. The Cell functions regularly and fortunately no case of ragging has been reported so far. As per the Government rule students are to submit their affidavit not to involve in ragging of any sort.

The College offers the following schemes:

  • Free studentship granted to the poor but meritorious students
  • Computer Literacy Programme at subsidized rate
  • Free Entry in Service Coaching for the students
  • Hostel facility at low lodging charges
  • Free net browsing facility
  • Free health check-up camps
  • Free cycle stand for parking bicycles and two-wheelers for students
  • Free dissipation of information about career guidance
  • Differently-abled persons’ friendly campus 

Members of the Anti-Ragging Cell: 

1. Prof Pradip Chandra Saha (Convenor)

2. Dr. Amitava Datta (Member)

3. Prof. (Mrs.) Sukla Das (Member)

4. Prof. Bappa Sarkar (Member)

5. Prof. (Mrs) Sampa Deb Karmakar (Member)

Note: For issues & quires, please contact the Convenor (Ph. +919434240655) or use the "Contact us" form. 

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